The Investment Forum is a 501 c(6) not-for-profit membership organization founded in May of 2000. with the vision of making the northwest a vibrant place to live, work and do business.  The mission of the organization has grown through the years and is now focused on producing educational events, socials and forums for the benefit of all investors, entrepreneurs and fiduciaries.  

The Investment Forum hosts world renown investment speakers such as Jim Rogers in collaboration with the regions wealth management and private banking community.

New regulations place an increasing liability burden on fiduciaries to be educated and vigilant in stewarding the assets entrusted to their care. Educational event topics focus on essential topics each investor or fiduciary must consider when making a purchase decision including asset allocation, risk management portfolio strategies, insurance, global trends, and alternative investment vehicles such as hedge funds, real estate funds and private equity partnerships.

The Investment Forum serves the wealth management and money manager community by providing a quality educational referral outlet for clients interested in reviewing alternative investment vehicles as a way of further diversifying their portfolio risk and enhancing their return as a part of an overall portfolio strategy.  Traditionally, these types of investment options are outside the scope of counsel able to be provided by licensed wealth managers.  Therefore, the key to successful investing in these areas is to be well educated, invest in vehicles which provide high quality management expertise and in partnership with other investors to spread your risk.






This website, newsletter and forum do not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase securities. This program serves merely to provide an overview of the types of businesses and technologies developing in the Northwest. Should you develop an interest in a particular presenting company, it will be your responsibility to investigate the company, structure a proposed transaction and negotiate the terms of the agreement directly with the company. Neither the Investment Forum nor any of its sponsors, co-hosts, or any other organization, group or individual associated with the Investment Forum makes any representation as to the reliability of the information provided by the participating companies or their representatives.